Wedding and LifeStyle Photographer Anthony Schwab | About

"From the eyes of a 4 year old"  This picture of me shows the power and love that one can have for any other.

Let me explain. This picture was taken by my 4 year old daughter. We all have strengths and weaknesses but much of our life we are moulded into the people we are, by our parent, the people we are around, our surroundings. It is in fact far to say that many of us are pushed away from our natural gifts in favour of conforming. 
This image shows possibly the most truthful look in to my personality and life to-date. A powerful look from an un-skewed perception, a little girl who just loves her daddy. 
In part because of her I able to bring this ability to you. Capture one's life with vivid realism, the kind that resonating deeply and heart feel.